Tricks for Investors to Make Profits from trading in Altcoins

As investors register a rush to grow their fortune and also major in diversifying their crypto portfolio, their eyes are stuck on altcoins. Yes, everyone is appreciating the fact that Bitcoin is a giant cryptocurrency but all must also take note that trading in altcoins have equally gained rising popularity. For this reason, investors are … Read more

Possible Implications of Ethereum Merge on Investors

It is no longer a secret anymore that Ethereum is the most popular altcoin in the cryptocurrency market today. The reasons for it besting other altcoins stretch from Cape town to Cairo.  Key among the things that propel Ethereum to the top is that over and above functioning as a pure digital currency, its technological … Read more

Altseason and what investors need to know about it

Just to set the path straight and avoid any complications, altseason simply means altcoin season. As the name suggests, it’s some kind of a season where something peculiar happens with altcoins. It’s this peculiarity that may be of great interest to an investor looking to make quick and big wins in the trade. We intend … Read more

Ethereum Vs Ethereum Classic

Since the creation of the first crypto which is Bitcoin, several other cryptos have been introduced since then. The cryptos have additional features, uses, as well as benefits. For instance, Ethereum works on a smart contract-focused blockchain which may help in launching different decentralized applications. Initially, Ethereum started as Ethereum Classic. However, the two blockchains … Read more

Bitcoin or Ethereum? Which Way for An Investor?

Bitcoin and Ether are the most popular cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap and price. For instance, currently, the market cap of Bitcoin and Ether are $402 billion and $208 billion respectively. In terms of price, their values are $21,003.95 and $1703.75 respectively. Many traders across the world are asking themselves which cryptocurrency they should … Read more

The average share of bitcoin you can buy with your dollar bill today

Cryptocurrency is obviously looked at from various angles. For some, crypto delivers a more efficient control over their transactions. Cryptocurrency has eliminated the need for a third party or intermediary financial institution when performing a transaction. Transactions can henceforth be initiated and completed very easily. Then comes the other group who presumes cryptocurrency as an … Read more

Public and Private crypto wallet Keys

Cryptography is a science that involves secret writings with the intention of ensuring that data is kept safe. If you have looked into crypto investment, and specifically on digital wallet, you will hear a lot about your keys. Once you have secured a crypto wallet, you will receive two keys; a private key and a … Read more

Process of Buying your First Cryptocurrency

At this point, you might have already learnt the crypto lingos, recognized the risks and achieved your other financial priorities. The next stage for you is probably to buy and invest your cryptocurrency. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guideline that will help you invest effectively. My guidelines will also encompass a number … Read more