Tether Vs Binance USD

So many altcoins are in the market today which then makes it hard for beginners to choose which one suits them. We here try to demystify Tether and Binance USD with the sole purpose of guiding investors and keeping everyone else informed. There we go…

Tether and Binance Coin are stablecoins that are pegged on the United States dollar. The ratio is basically 1:1. The symbol for Tether is USDT while that of Binance USD is BUSD.  Besides, the market cap of Tether is $67 billion while BUSD is $20 billion. Currently, the price of the two cryptos is the same, that is, $1.00. Therefore, as a trader you have to choose Tether Vs Binance USD based on your needs.

The Way Tether Works

The Tether tokens are the widely adopted stablecoins. Tether was the first stablecoin to be created in 2014. The founders include Reeve Collins, Craig Sellars, and Brock Pierce. The token is 100% backed as well as fully transparent. It further offers a safe digital asset, which maintains a stable valuation. 1 Tether can be traded for 1 USD irrespective of the market conditions.

If a trader deposit fiat currency to the reserve of Tether, selling fiat in purchasing USDT. After that, Tether offers a corresponding digital amount in tokens. Remember, USDT can be exchanged, stored, and sent. For instance, in case a user deposits $100 in USDT reserve then one gets 100 Tether coins.

After redeeming Tether tokens for fiat currency, they are destroyed and even removed from circulation. Just like the digital currencies, Tether moves in different blockchains. The blockchains include TRON, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Liquid.

In terms of investment, stablecoins such as Tether do not make much sense. The reason is that they do not increase in value. Basically, they just operate like a store of value. Apart from being a store of value, Tether is a tool for operating a business in a simpler way than Bitcoin.

You know the prices of Bitcoin do change with time. This makes it challenging for companies to create pricing schemas. However, for Tether, you can highly avoid volatility. Therefore, this makes it a safe investment option.

Binance USD

Binance USD was launched after a partnership with Binance and Paxos. Also, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) approved this stablecoin. BUSD tries to maintain the U.S dollar price all the time. Traders opt for such a stablecoin in keeping holdings at a steady value. This is done on the blockchain and there is no need for withdrawing fiat currencies.

BUSD is stable and secure. The reason is that one can purchase and redeem BUSD 1:1 with USD. They are basically designed to maintain a stable price. Every trader needs this kind of stable alternative when engaging in the trading of volatile cryptocurrencies.

The Differences Between USDT and BUSD

As much as USDT and BUSD may be different, they have some things in common. For instance, they are fully backed to the United States dollar. Also, as compared to the other cryptos, they have high liquidity. BUSD and USDT have lower transaction fees and shorter processing times. The two stablecoins are further supported on different blockchains including Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. The following are the ways in which they differ:

Location of Reserves

While the Binance USD is backed by United States banks. On the other hand, Tether is backed by offshore banks. The offshore banks are different as they provide fewer charges for tax benefits and operations. Besides, they are not secure as compared to FDIC-insured US banks used by BUSD.

Moreover, USDT is backed with corporate bonds, secured loans as well as other investments. The actual amount of cash reserved for supporting USDT is low compared to the one that BUSD manages. Therefore, it is upon the trader to choose the one that may work for him or her.


USDT just exists on the Ethereum blockchain. However, BUSD exists in different blockchains. They include Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. It is also able to achieve three attributes including speed, flexibility, and accessibility. The fact that Binance hosts it makes it to be more secure. The reason is that there is no need for worrying about just one chain being responsible for all the operations. Therefore, it is somehow a way of avoiding risks.

The Benefits of Investing in USDT and BUSD

The two stablecoins enhance quick transactions. The deposits made in fiat currency may take one or even 4 business days before it shows in the bank account. However, with stablecoin transactions, they happen intently.

The two stablecoins are secure. The blockchain technology utilized in making transactions is secure. Because of this, many users consider stablecoins safer as compared to traditional banking channels. The banks are prone to malicious attacks and hacking.

In terms of transparency, USDT and BUSD are very transparent. This allows the traders to see that issuers have required assets in reserves in redeeming them. An example is Binance Coin which is audited every month.

On stability, they are very stable. They are both pegged on the US dollar. On transaction fees, conventional transactions are high. It means that its price remains the same as the fiat currency. However, stablecoins provide a low or even no transaction cost.